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William Tezak is a native Californian since 1957 and grew-up in a Northern California mountain community where he enjoyed Hunting, Fishing, Sports and mountain survival activities. He was an avid sportsman and a high-achiever in almost anything he set out to accomplish, especially athletics and academics.

Mr. Tezak currently lives in Fountain Valley, California and has a wife and 2 children.

Mr. Tezak has earned several Associate and Bachelorette Degrees in Science, Technology and Law. He had obtained a nomination to the Air Force Academy in 1975 and was pursuing a career in the Air Force to be a Fighter Pilot, but declined Military service after finding out that he would have been owned by the Government for life. After declining his nomination to serve in the military, he decided to establish a career as an Aerospace engineer and has been serving the Aerospace industry for the last 27 years in various progressive areas of General, Commercial, and Military Aviation, dealing with many types of Land, Sea and Space & Missile based Defense Industries. He has obtained a Senior Systems Engineering Specialist/Technical Consultant standing with emphasis on Weapon Systems for National Security for the United States government. He holds a secret clearance and has worked on various projects ranging from the B-1 Heavy Nuclear Bomber, B-2 Heavy Conventional/ Nuclear Bomber, Star-Wars project, Future Combat Systems, National Missile Defense and other classified programs.

Mr. Tezak has also acquired an associate degree in law in the interim while working toward his Bachelorette Degree in Jurisprudence over the last several years, and moonlighting on more than 10 civil cases, including his own litigation, which allowed him to develop a strong background in legal research techniques and computer Technology specialty in Law Office Automation. He is currently studying State and Federal Criminal Codes and Litigation Procedure, as a result of Public crimes being committed against him by his government.

Mr. Tezak has been a private pilot since 1978 and has flown several light complex and performance aircraft in his life. He is capable of building his own experimental aircraft, in which he hopes to do someday.

He is registered Republican party, promotes Christian and family values, supporter of democracy and is strong advocate of Second Amendment Rights, as a long time member of the National Rifle Association [] and the California rifle and Pistol Association [] and supports all organizations that defend the Bill of Rights, especially property rights from foreign and domestic abuse. He has Declared War on his Homeowner Association past board members and the Attorneys that sponsor them. He has always been a good hearted person in helping other law abiding people, but will not tolerate abuse by pubic servants and won't hesitate to sue you if you do him wrong and unjustly, as 148 homeowners in his community found out.

He has had his share of legal experiences and abuses with public servants that fail to serve the public lawfully and has vowed to hold government officials accountable to perform their duties in accordance with law. He believes that public servants are to serve the people and not themselves while performing public service and will hold them accountable in law, as appropriate.

Legal Experiences

Early in the 1980's Mr. Tezak assisted in Corporate and Real property litigation in a hostle take-over of his father's Management operation by his partners and their personal attorney's and became witness to his own attorney's selling him out for financial gain, among other abuses within the court system.

In mid-1990, in the City of Pico Rivera, CA, the City police were staging heavy infraction enforcement of traffic laws and Mr. Tezak became a victim of false prosecution by issuance of a bogus traffic ticket. Mr. Tezak pursued a lawsuit against the city after the city refused to pay for the bogus traffic ticket under the Government Tort Claims Act. The matter eventually ended in a dismissal by the court based on due process violations, but he learned from the experience and started is law program because of the Judicial Misconduct abuse in the court.

In 1996, the City of Westminster, CA, decided to collect additional revenue by random code enforcement of set-back areas within the residential community. Mr. Tezak was hit with a code violation for $100 for his RV being parked within 2 feet of the set-back area in his front drive-way. Eager to resolve the matter, he discovered that he could get a non-conforming use permit to waive the violation. He applied with the City and paid a Fee and was arbitrarily denied a permit after complying with all requirements for a waiver. The planning commission took a bias position against Mr. Tezak and he then decided to seek judicial review after his application and claim for $500 with the city was denied. Armed with legal knowledge of his rights and on government tort claims actions, he was able to cause the City to spend more than $15,000 in legal fees to defend a bogus denial. In discovery, he found that several other homeowners had similar actions against the city. But he also found that the courts, regardless of the law, favored government over the citizens, despite the facts and law favoring him. Later he found out that it was standard practice to deny non-conforming use permits, because most citizens won't spend the money to litigate the matter and the City is eager to collect more application fees.

In 2002, Mr. Tezak moved into the City of Fountain Valley, CA, and a Planned Unit Development within a Homeowner Association. His neighbors were Board members and decided to prevent his RV land use for purposes of installing a gate to allow access to his property for purposes of parking his recreational vehicles. The Association did not have subject-matter jurisdiction over Mr. Tezak's property to prevent such use restriction, but hired an attorney anyway to file a false real property claim and damages. The matter went to trial and the Judge Derek W. Hunt liberally construed a "gate" to be a "building" under the CC&Rs to give the Association quasi-jurisdiction and then declared the Association prevailing parties and awarded $33,500 in attorney fees and costs. The matter went on appeal and the Appellate justices affirmed the lower courts judgment after ignoring voluminous civil law in Mr. Tezak's favor, in the opinion stated that a "building" can be even a "pole" and even cited a old 1914 supreme court case they favored Mr. Tezak, in that the California supreme court said a 20 foot high rod-iron fence around a court house in Shasta county was a building, but a 6 foot high fence is not. Mr. Tezak's gate is 6 feet in height. The matter went back to the trial court for attorney fees and costs and the same judge rubber-stamped their $11,000 bill. He paid the bogus bill due to lack of knowledge to criminal complaints and is continuing his fight now with David Myrland's methods and a possible Civil RICO Action in the near future to recover his losses, seek punitive damages and have the criminals brought to justice.

Personal Commentary

Mr. Tezak has developed a dislike to those public servants of our State and Federal Government abusing their positions and power particularly on land use regulatory dealings, primarily due his father being subject to legal abuse by Attorneys and the court, as a Real Estate land developer and syndicator of commercial joint ventures.

Mr. Tezak has discovered that legal reform is necessary at the Constitutional level by what is being proposed by proposition initiatives to amend the constitution to hold public servants, like Judges accountable to the people. The only branch of government that for the most part is only accountable to its-self when the Executive branch fails in its duties.

He has elected to support The American Homeowner "Pro Se" Resource Center by helping those homeowners that have been abused by the public servants in our government offices and Bar members that file shake-down lawsuits to generate legal fees in homeowner Associations as demonstrated by his own experiences.

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