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Michael-Edward: here.

I want you to know I REALLY loathe being in the position of and having to resort to the tactics of having this TAB: tAHRC vs. AHRC. This, in fact, saddens me. Nonetheless and it is my position and the position of all others in attendance [those who have first hand knowledge – anyone else have ‘hearsay’] that it was Elizabeth who first attacked and continued an attack and totally took out of context for reasons unknown to all others in attendance what our agreement is.

This is the Agreement, after much dialogue and negotiation, witnessed by many, simply stated, between Elizabeth and myself:

Elizabeth would post an 'alert' beacon prominently on her web page directing/linking traffic to my web site dedicated to people who have issues with and are members of predatory Homeowners Associations and Elizabeth would periodically send eBlasts to those in her database thus exposing my work to 2.5 million to 3.5 million people a month that traffic her web site and direct eMailing to the 14 some thousand people in her data base.

In exchange, I would avail to her people I know 'who know the law and are well disposed to using it'; politicize this issue on a national scale and raise funds for her legal defense.

I would receive donations to pay for the work of people I would bring to her; specifically, I would receive donations that would ultimately be used to hire an attorney or the attorneys necessary to bring this into a federal forum. I would receive donations to pay for national media exposure and I would sell educational material.

All this is pretty straight forward.

Not all Agreements, however, turns out as they are suppose to.

I am happy to speak with you or anyone regarding this issue if you like.

Following is my only voice available.

The password protected page contains all eMail exchanges and WAV files of the various conference calls by Elizabeth, The Team and myself.

If you like, we, with others of your choosing, may have a tele-conference call.

I will have The Team in attendance as well to further witness and give testimony of the facts before those in attendance to this meeting.

I am not now nor have I ever been 'at odds' with AHRC.

It is AHRC that is at odds with me.

I know of nothing nor does The Team know of anything that initiated this assault by Elizabeth.

This 'issue' truly came 'from out of the blue'.

I would have no problem facing my accuser a] with all associated with the dialogues in attendance and b] a moderator of your choosing.

Elizabeth, I have found, talks over those she has conversation and with particularity those she has disagreement, hence the moderator.

Therefore, I believe an exchange involving Elizabeth would be futile without a fair and impartial moderator; 3 minutes here and 3 minutes there continued until nothing further is to be discussed.

As stated, Elizabeth/AHRC and I/tAHRC have a disagreement of sorts.

It is my observation people, generally speaking, break down into three groups:

  1. those who are intellectually honest
  2. those who are intellectually dishonest
  3. those who are intellectually challenged

I am not going to get into a contest with Elizabeth to see who can empty their bladder the fastest.

I am not going to engage in Ad hominems as they are not my 'cup of tea'.

I am not going to argue with someone who buys 'ink by the gallon'.

I am not going to endeavor to teach a pig to sing as it wastes my time and annoys the pig.

Elizabeth's receives by Elizabeth's estimation 2.5 million to 3.5 million hits a month.

That's a lot of 'ink' and Elizabeth will only too quickly tell you of her mastery of the marketing game.

My web sites, on the other hand, addressing internet traffic, collectively, don't even approach her shadow.

I have added this TAB to incorporate the multiple eMail exchanges between Elizabeth and the team of people who were brought together at her request and the recorded conference calls that clearly fly contrary to the tripe she wrote about me and others on her web site.

People will believe what they want to believe.

Let those who bother to review the evidence posted herein determine for themselves just who is conning whom.

For you to access this next page it is required of you to be given a unique and temporary password.

Please eMail with your contact information. I will call you regarding the unique and temporary password.


Best regards,

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